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Welcome to ARC Lincoln County, Maine

Welcome to the Home of the Lincoln County Amateur Radio Group based in Lincoln County on the coast of Maine. Founded in the early 1990's, the group is realizing a renewed interest in the area. The purpose of the group is to promote all aspects of the hobby of Amateur Radio through member and public education, to train and prepare local operators for both emergency and non-emergency events, to support the Lincoln County EMA and to encourage and assist our fellow amateur radio operators and associated organizations.
Membership is welcomed to all radio amateurs as well as anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio.

2020 Officers:
President: Jose Douglas; KB1TCD
VIce President: Giff Hammar; K1GAH
Secretary: Joe Devonshire; AB1YO
Tresurer: Ed Wynne; N1WY

27 June Testing Session

The 27 June was a big success. Congratulations to John Oakes (KC1DGG) for knocking the Extra exam out of the park! Well done to all of the new amateur radio opertors and everyone who upgraded. Great job!

Field Day 27-28 June 2020

Operations are underway at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse! Come join the party!!

Lincoln County Information and Emergency Net

The Lincoln County Information and Emergency Net meets every Monday evening at 7pm on the 146.985 repeater, PL 136.5. The purpose of the net is to handle Communications Traffic into, out of and around the state of Maine and throughout the Lincoln County area when needed, as well as a means to offer a means of sharing amateur radio information.
All Radio Amateurs are welcome to check-in.

Project Team Members

EOC Station Team

Karl Richards; KB1YCF
John Oakes; KC1DGG
Ernie Richards; K1NI
Bill Clark; KA1DAX

EmComm Vehicle Team

John Oakes; KC1DGG
John Lawrence W1QS
Ed Wynne; N1WY
Giff Hammar; K1GAH
Norm Bosse; W1MKD
Ernie Richards; K1NI
Bill Clark; KA1DAX

Lincoln Health - Miles Team

Casey Stevens; KC1GOT
Joe Devonshire; AB1YO
Mark Potter; W1AUX
Ernie Richards; K1NI

Website Updates - 27 Jun 2020

- Updated Front Page to current

Next Meeting

The Next Meeting of the Lincoln County Amateur Radio Club Will be held on Wednesday 12 August 2020 at 1800 (6 PM) at the Newcastle Fire Station (tentatively). Check back for updates as we get nearer.

Stay tuned for upcoming hands-on sessions for Winlink point-to-point and BBS.